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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Second Part in the Series ~ Resurrection in the Social Imagination

It was not so much the cross that convicted followers of Jesus but His resurrection...
For many intellectuals and laymen, the man/god Jesus Christ and the New Testament Gospels are seen largely as a story created by Constantine. However, as anyone can research, the Roman Emperors since Augustus had had a relationship with the Messiah in one way or another, not spiritually but earthly as in recorded prophecy and or real contact with his followers briefly stated above. During the reign of Tiberius, certainly Sejanus was aware of Jesus as he directly communicated with Pontius Pilate about the socio-political climate in Jerusalem which was when Jesus was alive and in Jerusalem.  

Again, if anyone thinks that Constantine manufactured Jesus as the messiah through his death and resurrection then we could assume that to have such an idea would suggest Constantine himself had a revelation given the past knowledge of the Roman Gods and the prophecy of this new God/Man whom was now not just any man, but seen as much more than a man but a God/man because of his resurrection not because of his deeds. And, that alone can be considered the revelation of Constantine. 

Emperors though we not easily persuaded as in ready to jump on any new idea. I am sure that Constantine had heard of the teachings of Paul and Peter and their being beheaded by Nero. If any truth can be proclaimed it is that Jesus Christ was the Messiah in a revealed social imagination. In the social imagination, such revelation reminds us that the kingdom is within. All social reality is in the mind and who caused it to be there ~ God. He sent His son to deliver us from the sin of death which is a false reality within. 
Atheists and some Gnostics use this history of Constantine to prop up their notions that Jesus was not a god and that an ‘evil’ god created this world through error. They are right in both instances. Jesus was God and Man and the Holy Spirit. He came into this world to end ‘error' which entered this world through Satan – an evil god as in fallen angel. What is interesting is that Gnostic social imagination shows us how a computer scenario can described error and Jesus and even Constantine’s recognition of and accepting of Christianity.
God created heaven and earth, all things seen and unseen. He created man in His image and from man, He created woman – programs that run against the backdrop of a blackhole horizon acting as a blue screen for all cosmic events in God’s imagination. Corrupt information as in a virus as in error appeared and entered in on the screen thinking it was the ultimate source of and over God’s imagination. In this instance, error created the world we live in which is in a state of entropy, decay. 

Jesus as an aspect of God and sent by God His Father, the true Creator of heaven and earth, to dispel error and to inform of an upgrade in the program which depends on those that can follow the command which is to believe in it and accept it as truth. Even if all we can do is recognize that all social reality in this world is that of 'error', as the reality of here and now, then we have truly moved in our social imagination. In this way, we simultaneously recognize that this here and now is not all there is or was.  

Such information is correct information which cannot die as it wants to live forever but all false information dies as it has no purpose to live eternally and it can and will be permanently vaulted as in contained for it has no purpose. We then understand that death is the lie of this world which Jesus came to inform us of and remove error from within.
There is neither reason to speculate that Constantine used Jesus as a story of a man to ensure that men remain in control over women nor any reason to speculate that women should be in a higher position of power.  Resurrection that Jesus informed us of was to save. The only relevant information for us is the resurrection. “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.” Psalm 146:3  

From the point of view of an event horizon, we are information. All information born in this world was born in the state of "error" as in Fallen world. It was not in the beginning but entered in as we read in Genesis 3.  Constantine was information and like we born in this state of "error". Jesus was not born in this state. Jesus was God who became man, superimposed supernatural information, not in "error". He came to save us from "error" - the sin of death, the permanent containment of the system of "error"... in the social imagination.

Other information does not save; it is only dieing information that seeks to remain in the here and now as in the 'flesh' and in the flesh it has no other place to go!

*"I [Jesus] tell you the truth, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life".
John 5:24

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