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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Is Society over and Above the Social Imagination?

That is a good question. Society is the sui generis as Durkheim called it. He saw individual 'social' actors as having different assignments as in roles to fulfill... necessary and necessarily different and designed that way in order to contribute to the whole. Designed by whom? Surely, there is something over and above society? The designer? I suppose some we would say by nature, observing what we see as survival of the fittest because nature appears to give and take without asking, its design has a purpose and that is to continue with the fewest possible problems, right and wrong does not matter ... just winning in a sense as the presumed goal of nature is to escape entropy as in decay but ironically decay is necessarily built in. So, maybe nature has some kind of consciousness which seeks to ultimately overcome this world as in control its own 'nature' what we think we see and call randomness.  Is that Society?

What I can tell you is that society is not outside of the social imagination and neither is nature. If anything, the social imagination is both society, nature, the universe. All of what we see, think we see and experience as in interact with comes from the social imagination. Is there a source for it? Of course, there is the Creator of Heaven and Earth of all things seen and unseen. It is the one thing we cannot fully imagine as it is ultimately over and above us as in beyond our imagination. But truly the source of our social imagination, as we were created in His image. In His imagination, there is no randomness.

..the Kingdom is within... Luke 17:21

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