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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Changing Social Imagination ~ Bumping Around and Not Caring About it!

Why is the social imagination 'social reality' changing?  Because, work is changing due to technology and migrations... And, because of that the meaning in individual lives and families is changing.  But, its really more than just that.  As the need for workers and even executives declines, replaced by technology, fewer people are needed and they are thus seen as becoming useless eaters which do more 'harm' than good as they impact nature taking up space and generating garbage. At least, that is how the elite social imagination sees them.

The change in social imagination - the social reality of the masses is happening now. Let's say, that its being changed. How and by whom is the change being transitioned or who is helping it to come to fruition?  Technology and positions of status and power controlled by elites who control work and money. They use PR campaigns in government bodies, corporations and NGOS; all of which depend upon Social Media and Higher Education to do their part...

Will it be the same kind of social imagination 'social' reality experienced by all or as we used to imagine? Yes and No. Yes, because there is nothing new under the sun and No, because the given norm at least in America for the past 60- 70 years has been the nuclear family (man/woman and 3 kids), a 9-5 job, weekends off and paid vacations; along with private property as the 'American Dream'. That has been going away for awhile now and it is being made to go faster. Only a certain amount of people will be necessary and the rest can just bump around.

I like to call the new social imagination 'social reality' which will be a kind of new world order - "Bumping Around and not Caring about it". There is a shift now in Sociology toward developing 'care policies'; and, that is the first deceptive step toward bumping around not caring about it. How? First we get everyone on board with caring and when it appears that everyone is caring and cared for, we opt for not caring and not caring about the fact that we don't care or that no one really cares. What's to care about if everyone is cared for, right?

Let's look at this from a past form of the same agenda; after all there is nothing new under the sun. Communism of the past century is the best and nearest example. At first, everyone cared, socially engineered to care - to care about the State and things that they never cared about before because what they did not care about had no meaning for them until they were told to care about things that had no meaning for them.

The propaganda aim was this... to get everyone on board with being cared about things that they did not care about, especially the State and other people who cared about the State.  Once it appeared that everyone was caring about everyone through a top down apparatus, the stage was set to pull the carpet out and get people bumping around not caring about it.

Again, the first modus operandi is to get people to love or 'care about' the State because it cares about you and then you can love 'care about' others because they love 'care about' the state as much as you.  Once those at the top see that you care about the State (the), they start a propaganda to get you to collaborate with them to remove caring about anything else that might get you to not care about them and that means to watch out for those who might not be so caring about the State.

Do you see where this is going? Pretty soon, people don't care about caring, they are just bumping around and not caring about it. What will bumping around look like. It will look like it did during the Communist times of 20th century. People not really doing anything but it looks that way. Only this time, it will be much worse, and global. But, surely everyone will be happy because families won't be split up since there won't be any, not like we know them. 

There won't be the kind of intimacy between people as we know it now and there won't be concern for gender of any kind. There won't be any skilled labor or specialization either since that will be taken over by elites and their robots. People will be bumping around passing small courier packages, hard copy information like official notices, fines/tickets, medical waste and body parts, food delivery, and also some small human comforts to be exchanged along the way. 

People will sleep where they end up at the end of the day (no more individual housing), they will share their day with strangers but they won't be strangers really... just people like them doing the same kind of work: bumping around and not caring about it.  There won't be anything to really care about since everyone has been made the same. Evgeny Zamyatin wrote book about this called "WE"!

And, I just so happen to have a copy...it helps me to keep tabs on developing events.

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