Exploring the Social Imagination

Thursday, June 21, 2018

A World Without Borders in the Social Imagination....

Is it possible? Not in the human social imagination...Why?

Because, in order to be recognized as a human being who lives in a place experiencing life: living and working, sharing, loving, laughing, striving, grieving etc. one has to have borders; even in the social imagination. Those borders cause identity: who you are and are not.

People create borders to better moderate their circle of friends, their facebook page and in general their life. They set limits, guidelines, rules and goals. Now, if a person 'individual' does that what about a group of people? Do they create borders in the same way as a group? You bet they do. Is that fair? Its fair to them as they see it being fair. They see it defining who they are and are not and what they want to achieve as a group and they see 'safety in defined numbers'; necessary safety for their family, friends, community and even for their own best interests.

Do people cross borders set by others? Sure they do all the time. Why is that? Because, they want to be in a different place. They choose to be in a different place. They want to be in a different place and they want to be like those people in that place. They see greater safety, greater opportunity and they see a better identity in that place.

Should they follow the rules and or laws of the group/place that they want to integrate into? Sure, because after all they chose to be like them. And, it is to their benefit to know and follow the rules and laws as it will enable their successful integration.

But of course, some non-thinkers, will spout "Can't there just be no borders" as in no rules or laws for integration or assimilation? How could that be let alone work I would say in response? How could one even know who they are and are not or where they are and where they are going without borders? Even those necessary borders in the social imagination which compose who you are and are not; after all, isn't' that where borders begin?

Wouldn't all culture and cultural data be lost? Wouldn't all languages become one and wouldn't all ideas become gray and pointless? Think about it... In order for culture to exist, and for various languages to be spoken and for interesting ideas to be imagined, there has to be differences in the social imagination of groups/societies/countries. So, we accept and or agree that means this thing is not that and this works better here for that reason and this is who I am and that is who you are and I am not.

A world without borders, I can't imagine Not seeing a different face/person on the face of the earth, can you? There is variety because there are borders!


  1. Its in a world without borders that we will all just be bumping around... no definition, no place to go or be or stay put in.

  2. bumping around in a no man's land...