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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Robots are coming... but until then

Jobs... everyone wants to work, right? And why? Because, people want to eat. The better job you have or the more work you do... the harder you work the better food you can afford. That's the way this world works or used to; and, that is why the robots are coming. Why? Because, robots don't have to eat just work. Yes, the robots are coming according to Princeton U and until then, we should consider what can we do in our social imagination that will at least sustain us in the place where we are?

Since, most don't know the bread of life (Jesus Christ); sadly, they will have to rely on their own self-determination and in a system where elites take care of their own and will employ robots to do that and more like control most of life and our imagination... what will they 'the masses' do?

Be brainy about life choices is of the utmost importance and that actually begins in your own home (house/apartment) regarding education. Not only education of general things and beyond but the truly necessary education of common sense. Since, we already understand that in order to eat one must work... education of food consumption is the wisest thing to work on for now.

First, don't live in a food desert which can very well be any community or neighborhood or town that though it may seem safe, secure and reflecting ones wealth, it can also be a place of limited food resources; especially, in the case of having to drive or travel long distances to food as part of a daily routine. Situation yourself in a place where you can walk a reasonable distance to a grocery store.

This is vital. As what can be observed today regardless of wealth are food choices made by people. Many people just don't or can't cook for themselves and worse is that they don't understand good food choices regardless of not knowing or wanting to cook for themselves, bottom line is that they can't even make good food choices in restaurants.

A hamburger with fries, or a salad with diet coke are not good food choices any day of the week on a regular basis. Neither is consuming a bag of chips or a box of sugared up cereal. These items cost nearly as much as a pound of ground beef. Yet, no one is telling people not to buy the chips. No there are still telling people not to eat fat or carbs because those are terrible and make you fat. Well, it behooves people  medical expert or not to ... not know that sugar is the culprit in the American diet and largely because people are just nutritionally ignorant.

There was a local study done a few years ago concerning a group of peoples' access to food... titled - The Situation of a Food Desert. The group from a local university wanted to supposedly look at food access in a poorer neighborhood to compare access in a richer neighborhood.

Yet, that very neighborhood under 'study' did have a quality known grocery store located there. The problem with the study was that it did not study a 'food desert' but ignorance regarding food choices. Out of the many people interviewed, it was obvious that they were simply making bad food choices. They were choosing foods that were pre-cooked and or pre-packaged needing only to be heated up. Those kinds of prepared food items are more expensive than foods in their raw or uncooked state.

Ironically, the conclusion made by those who conducted this 'study' stated that these people were deprived of access to good nutritional food.... pointing that a box of frozen battered chicken was all that was available. That was not true. They just did not know what was available and what could be done with basic food stuffs. Being ignorant was not the conclusion they were after. It should have been pointed that the better food choice was a package of fresh chicken thighs or legs/ wings with which a simple soup could have been made to feed an army.

It could be concluded that those conducting the study were also of that mindset-uninformed and or uneducated. The message is this... until the robots get here, learn how cook with basics, store up some basic supplies and get ready for a brand new world; one in which most people will want to have their cake and eat it too.

One can argue that living in the rural countryside where one could grow food or getting into a city garden to grow food is an alternative and they are. But, in a world controlled by elites and robots, will they even allow that since they will want their food source secure before anyone else's. What does that mean? It means that all resources will be controlled. So, will the masses be allowed to grow their own food? Not likely, since it requires the use of water and other natural resources to grow food.

Could food be produced vertically and without a significant impact on the environment? Yes, and vertical gardening or vertical agriculture will be robotically engineered.  Until then... get as much common sense as possible. Learn how to not only cook but garden for yourself in case the robots won't or in case you don't want the robots to do it for you...

*We are free indeed in Jesus Christ - Accept the Bread of Life today! John 8:36, John 6:32-33.

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