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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lack or Willingness to engage in the Social Imagination!

The reason we have a growing federal government is because the local communities are too unwilling to manage their political social imaginations. Einstein was an original thinker. And, one can imagine that means he did not fall into place when it was simply comfortable for him like the masses tend to do. When the local people no longer perform their civic duty that is when the corruption digs in. Then when the federal government steps in to do what they did not do, people complain.  Its all because of greed, pride and laziness when it comes to taking the initiative to stand up to corruption and laziness when it comes to watching out for your fellow man.

That is an opinion one can hear these days as well as the opinion that the federal government should do everything for its people... likely because people don't know what they are doing or are too busy working to do anything else is the justification. One can wonder then who is in government, aren't they people too. Silicon based life forms are on the way but not just yet.  And, if people are too busy with their own vain life, then likely the communities will never be anything more than a bunch of vain posies vying for sunlight.

Perhaps, people as in the masses are just that lazy vain posies. Useless, expanders of corrupted social imagination. They want to stay in one place, get all the sun they can and fence off their territory....yet, they themselves won't do the work necessary for any of that to be accomplished. Its another case of the little red hen. You know the story... The little red hen asked the other farm animals "who will help me plant the wheat?" "Oh, no not I said the duck, not I said the pig, not I said the cow, the goat, the horse etc. So, she planted the wheat herself. Then she asked who would help to weed through the young plants and again the same answer. She asked who would help her harvest, who would help her mill and who would help her bake the bread from the milled wheat. The answer was always the same.

But, when the bread was baked and the smell rose up... everyone wanted some bread and considered it their right to have a slice. Really? Yes, of course that is a children's story. We can learn a lot from such a story and from what we expect as users of information and what that information is expected to produce for us and for others. Like the farm animals that were too comfortable to engage in generating new information, people too behave the same way.

Somehow, someway, people have gotten too comfortable in the place where they are using the same corrupted comfortable information over an over. They have given up their duty to their fellow citizen, they have become distant in a political correct way led by  corporation elites who divide and conquer to protect their interests ... who seek out and destroy towns with pollution, with unpredictable job conditions, pitting people against people and using  outsiders...

Is it the result of laziness? Essentially, yes! And in that laziness =lack of will or unwillingness to go beyond the masses where there is no truth!

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