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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Racist ~ In the Selective Liberal Social Imagination!

The racist in the selective liberal social imagination is the person that they are not which means its 'you' the person that they point out as the racist. Who is the racist according to the liberal social imagination? He/she is the person that does not tolerate liberal ideas, does not prefer liberal ideas, does not mix with, does not live near, does not hire, does not listen to, does not share with, does not vacation with, does not drive with, does not work with and does not want to ever be seen with someone who is not them. This has nothing to do with the color of skin. Yes, really!

What does it have to do with if their liberal racism is not based on color? It has to do with ideology and its mantra; hence it has to do with conformity, as in sameness and with following orders, and with doing what you are told. It has to do who you are living with, showering with, and even toileting with. It has to do with showing no initiative other than the one they give you and certainly, you must never show any smarts as in individual desire and determination to be a leader.

Racism is not about you in the sense of what you prefer to be doing, and who you prefer to be hanging with. How could it be? In that sense, everyone would be a racist. Yes, even liberal elites would be and they are. But they don't want you to know that. That use the word as a label to demonize their opponents. They know that Americans are sensitive to accusations of racism. Americans have a guilt complex and liberals use this against people so that people will move in the direction they want them to. So real racism is not their game, cause they are just as much a racist as anyone who has preferences. Again, its a label to demonize their opponents in the public market place to take and get the advantages that they want for themselves which are positions of power, prestige and privilege.

Evidence of this is observed in the African American black community today. It is far worse off now than when the liberal war on poverty began in the 60s. If that social welfare agenda was so great and so cleverly engineered and steered by them why isn't racism and poverty gone? Because, they the selective liberal elite is still alive and well - the true racist.

We forget that a fast majority of democrats were southern 'liberal elite' racists in favor of segregation that including as well as a large majority of slave holders in the south. This fact (s) have  been scrubbed from history and yet the agenda is still there which was and continues to be to enslave others for the benefit of an 'their' liberal elite aristocracy. The agenda no longer just in the south. It is wherever the liberal elites are... live and work. That is why we see them against borders, against any document (s)  that describes clearly what this country is and who it is in terms of the people.

It is in their business to retain labels from the past as if they disagree with them but they don't. They also create and use new labels because labels can be used to their advantage. It is the great switcheroo... They want people to forget who they are and they start with who they want you to think they were and then they make themselves into who they are today. Simultaneously, they want you to forget who you are and they start with who they want you to think you are and they make you into who they want you to be today.  Hence, their 'noble' approach to this is ~ EDUCATION! indoctrination... shhhhhhh

Be wary, you might wake up and find out you are a racist though you never thought you ever were or ever wanted to be. But, you got selected!

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