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Friday, November 18, 2016

One Man's Art is Another Man's Garbage

The problem with liberals is that they are like artists... they want someone else to pay for their 'art' and their artist lifestyle. The argument given is that art is universal, it must be shared as it is creative and brings new energy. Well, that only applies to the art they like. You see, one man's art is another man's garbage. Sounds harsh... just make a list of your own preferences and where you would spend your money.

Not that art is a bad thing and that it should not be shared. But, not at the cost of everyone. Only at the cost of those who want to share it. But say you... some people can't share their art let alone produce it without money and you know most artists are poor, living in poverty. Wrong. Winston Churchill was a good artists and had a great appreciation for art and its media yet he had his own money to produce his art and share it through years of hard work in service to his country... not the other way around being his country in service to him.

Perhaps, you do not know that many people without 'money' actually make art themselves using what is readily available in nature and the sounds from it are amazing... speaking of the kinds of ingenious instruments created by aboriginal  people. Many of their works are displayed in respective galleries or museums. So, you see an artist does not need the government to ensure his creative talents. He/she only needs him/herself and a bit of ingenuity which comes from having to make do with what is available.

Private patrons are a means for artists to become established and grow a long time practice in the past. There is still such a practice. As far as getting art and music and culture from around the world, National Geographic has been doing an incredible job and they operate privately, at least they are not on the public doll as far as I know.

So, don't be fooled by those who put out their hat to the state... but you can indulge those who put out their hat on the streets if you happen to like their art. Its your free choice. So, it should be.

And if liberals are about free love and free art ...guess they don't need the government!


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  2. Liberals use force and envy against conservatives...in doing so, they ask you to pay for their life style and tell you its the compassionate noble thing to do. No doubt supporting the arts is just that but one should be able to make the choice to do so for him/herself.