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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Social Imagiantion ~ Children raised by Pre-school Management and not Mom!

The socialization process begins with mother. Even before the child is born, mother is imparting social information - social role expectations as discussed in the last blog article. Mother also imparts to the child, a sense of trust as she delivers her attention when the child is born and thereafter. She instills social skills and social harmony at least she is naturally equipped for that as we learned that brains and bodies are hard wired from the get go. Mother and only mother is what the infant and child wants, its love from the beginning. But, when mother is gone most of the time, working and not there for the little sponge which longs for her love, then we can expect social discord to be lurking in that child's future.

Take a look around and see the results today. Many young adults are the offspring not of mother (father too but mother most importantly) but the results of pre-school of daycare management which has no great affection as mother does for that child. Yes, they can be caring and provide food and a safe environment but it is much deeper than that. As children cry out for mother, they are met with organized play, story hour, quiet time, or group circle song. Mother the provider of all social reality and love is removed and supplanted by the kind of attention a robot can provide.

Children learn that the source of their desire for satisfactions is not mother but the leader of the group, the statist, the CEO who runs the show attempting to comfort all and not just the one with group inclusiveness that temporarily soothes the need of mother. Even in that scenario, you will assuredly have temper tantrums, and rebellion, you will have protest and in their disillusion such children will be comforted by snacks 'hand outs' and false promises which leads to expectation of constant entitlement... why? cause mommy is not there and she is not coming until her shift or her career allows. Isn't that what we see in today's young adults those left in management care.

I want my mommy!!!!

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