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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The GoldiLocks Universe We Live In

Yes, Goldilocks as in Goldy Locks and the Three Bears. What does that have to do with the Social Imagination? Everything. The story is about human beings and how they see the world, as in imagine it.

The little girl with golden locks represents all the creation, innocent and beautiful. The three bears - God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The family of God. They leave the door open for those that are lost and seek a way back or seek to know where 'home' is.

They 'creation' try grasp at what is out there, which is just right. There is only the condition that is just right for man, for human beings because it was created that way. It just did not fall into place casually or causally by space gas which even as components of creation suggest that they were created as well.

There is no haphazardness to the universe. There is only the 'Goldilocks' universe... the one that is just right.

That is why in the social imagination, we as a group imagination, search for truths, search for identity, search for comfort, and peace in our imaginations as we desire the 'just right'. Which, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit created for us and wants us to be reunited with.

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