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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happiness in the Social Imagination

We all want to be happy because it makes us feel good. But happiness is based on fickle conditions, like how our body feels, how people treat us today and yesterday and how we think they will tomorrow, the weather, etc. We can never achieve perfect happiness because it is not possible and no laws or regulations promulgated in the social imagination can achieve such a state of being. In fact, to pursue it, is foolishness and most often leads to depravity and a reprobate mind. 

Of course, people with money, power and or position will tell you otherwise. But, ask them how they got what they have and likely the made a lot of people miserable doing it. They may think that they are happy but true happiness is when everyone is at the same level of happiness and that is not possible. Why, because again anyone's happiness is based on fickle conditions.

What we can expect to have are good days and bad days, to be somewhat happy and sad depending on our circumstances. We should remember the good and somewhat happy whenever we are sad or fearful because those emotions lead to depraved and dangerous activities in the social imagination; like: the use of recreational drugs or engaging in sexual promiscuity or even the drive to acquire wealth, prestige and property for example, to recover feelings of lost happiness.

So what in the social imagination did the founding fathers write into our Declaration of Independence the clause which says we have the right to pursue happiness? That's a good question. I suppose it seemed then like a decent aspiration.

Today, its anything but. People in America today want their own happiness right now and thus cannot wait for it nor do they want to aspire to it as in go through difficulties in order to achieve something greater. They would rather just have it given to them or just pay for it.

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