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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Death in the Social Imagination?

What really drives the social imagination in this fallen world? The fear of death does.This is a fallen world due to the state of entropy and thus we can expect to experience death in the social imagination. How really real is that? In all reality, if you care to delve so far is that death does not exist for the social imagination but imagined in it. The social imagination of people is under the condition of the state of entropy and thus is guided by fear. Do we imagine it? Essentially, we do because of the condition of entropy. This condition is imagined. That is why we can only experience it through observations in the social imagination. Thus, death exists in the social imagination as others in our social imaginations leave us. They do so through various means: accidents, illness, murder, genocide, war, persecution and execution.

These events exist in our social imagination. But, what of it? Why don't we just get rid of those events in our social imagination that lead to the experience as observation of 'death' in our social imagination. I think that for some, the endeavor to do so is already happening. Doctors and scientists seem to be hard at work trying to ward it off or erase it from the social imagination - both through technology. Is that really possible? In some instances, we see people being saved from death by medical technology and others not. We can read about new technological advances that may make people immortal. Doesn't that seem more normal than not living at all?

Why does death exist in our social imagination? That's is a good question. This universe we live in has come under or into a condition called the state of entropy all because we imagined it all began at the beginning. If there was one. What I mean is that we cannot know the beginning, we can only imagine it. When man does that, he falls into a condition of doubt. Hence, perhaps, by our own efforts of trying to imagine a beginning, we have imagined an end. Perhaps, we can overcome this world by rebooting by believing in eternal life. We can see this as a possibility when prayer saves us or others we pray for from death's door. Does that mean eternally saved from death? Why not? If we believe it is possible to die why not imagine it is possible to live eternally; as its our true state of being. We can imagine eternal life, a life which was imaged for us and made known to us along time ago...

So, stop imagining the beginning and the end....and imagine eternal life!

*Live and declare the works of God... Psalm 118:17

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