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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Value of A Human Being in the Social Imagination

The question floating around out there in the social imagination is....What is the value of a human being?  Will you have to prove your value, your worth- by defending the impact you are making on the earth and on others. Is that what we now face? Is that what the social imagination is imagining for itself?

If we are talking about the social imagination of Richard Dawkins, then yes and no. Dawkins is a ethologist and evolutionary biologist. He is also and atheist.  He believes in evolution now... but before he was of the intelligent design group. If anything, he is the term he coined - a meme. Dawkins came to prominence with his 1976 book ~ The Selfish Gene which popularized the gene-centered view of evolution and introduced the term ‘meme’ which is that an idea, behavior, or style spreads from person to person within a culture. Dawkins is an atheist and is well known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design. He has argued against the existence of a supernatural creator based upon the complexity of living organisms and accepted Darwin's evolutionary theory.

However, in Darwinist theory, what is evolution?... in nature it is not what 'man' thinks of evolution.

Man thinks evolving is becoming a more valuable person for his/her own ideas, beliefs, compassion, trust and honesty. So, in this instance, it is surprising that Dawkins takes the position of Darwinian evolution as it does not value a person for his/her personal 'bright' ideas, views, beliefs, creativity, trust worthiness or honesty necessarily.

Darwin recognized that the evolution of any creature is simply based on its ability to adapt in a given environment which has nothing to do with the 'person' as we would like to think. Adaptability for nature is about being prolific in any given natural setting and transferring that information of procreative success in a place to the next generation through language telling stories with the use of symbols and signs.  In this sense, only those ideas which procure that are valuable. Not today... with advanced technology, we don't really need so many people to reflect our evolutionary success in a place.

It appears now that we are evolving differently, blending with technology and thus more people 'bodies' are not necessary. In fact, the question today, mentioned above, is really asking ...what about all these people 'bodies' whose value in number is no longer important. Fact is, they are taking up space and energy for those that have 'arrived'... those that value man's evolution with technology and have the money to spend on it.  They are the ones with the social imagination of the future, right?

The adaptation here as demonstrated by Dawkins himself is to change your mind in order to fit in with the higher echelons of popular culture's venue without regard to 'right or wrong', good or bad for the individual let alone group, because it is all about successful adaptation in a place. Thus, value falls to those that can change their mind and make the right choices ordered by  popular culture. Essentially, many social theorists, present and past, have said exactly this.

Darwin's evolution was about procreating but today's post modern evolution is about making the 'right' popular 'value added' choice of the day, get with the trend, get with the fashion, be in the know, be on board, hook up for the 'right reason' all which has nothing to do with Darwin's evolution. One could in fact argue that it is representational of Darwin by saying that man has arrived at this kind of thinking because our brains have evolved in this way of thought. However, some studies have shown that man does not use all of his brain capability. If man is evolving  in this way, why don't we see this kind of thinking in all men everywhere. If you say that is because some are evolving differently at a different pace, then you devalue culture.

As a Christian Sociologist, I believe in the Creator and not the idea that the universe just happened. The only reason that this kind of discussion exists, is because man searches to know what it is or who he/she is and why. Being a Christian social scientist, I can say that the social imagination has been corrupted, it has been misled into thinking that it means nothing because that is where the it came from. A corrupted computer program is told the same thing by the virus. The social imagination while struggling to devolve through the exchange of information in a place as a means to improve its position in this corrupt world, is failing as it has been infected so that it starts to dissolve in all places in all cultures ... seeking entropy.

This is what most scientists see when they look out on the over populated ignorant world and they become afraid. So, they denounce God as the Creator (intelligent designer) because they do not understand why this is happening. It is happening because this program has been corrupted. However, we were given a way out ~ saving information.  All we have to do is chose it ~ Salvation through Jesus Christ the patch the upgrade the access to eternal life. This world is condemned to death as it is the destiny of every man. Absent from the body, present with the Lord in Jesus Christ we pray, Amen!  And, sadly, the atheist who is afraid to die has his/her choice for salvation in the making, called transhumanism.
The Bible clearly says it will backfire on those that use it... "During those days men will seek death, but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them." Revelations 9:6

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