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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pretty and Nice ~ Mindless Zombies

Today's social imagination is being turned into a 'pretty and nice' mindless zombification.  I hear from too many people that's nice, that's pretty. They are into pinning pretty and nice and tweeting pretty and nice, facebook blips that are pretty and nice, watching empty television that is pretty nice, they like pretty and nice blogs, pretty clothes, nice music, and the worst pretty and nice higher education as they stroll the university campus deciding if it is the nicest and prettiest campus to attend and or send their child to.

People are becoming mindless zombies. They are being lulled into an abyss of mediocrity and don't even know it ... mindless zombification.

Wake up People!  Wake up from the stupper of pretty and nice. The social imagination is being downed as in deconstructed through the mechanisms of relativism and fear. The social imagination needs an absolute that is over and above pretty and nice. This absolute requires aspiring toward something greater than just pretty and nice and that requires criticism of relativist thinking and behavior.

When every man has been reduced to him/herself; then you have something to really be afraid of ... the disappearance of social imagination.

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