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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Outcome of a 'Fallen' Social Imagination

The War of social imaginations has always been doing battle. It is very interesting to me that so many 'scientists' imagine that a dot 'singularity' started the whole thing. Who do they imagine created that ..the dot? 

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Genesis tells us that man was wicked and that every imagination of his heart was evil. This seems to imply that man imagined to corrupt the earth and all that lived on it - and he apparently did all that he imagined to do. We can remember ~ from our 5th Grade class and asking the teacher, "If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?" I have never received a good answer to that question, even to this day. In fact, we can find it astonishing that otherwise brilliant individuals can actually believe the total non-sense that is Evolution. None of it makes any logical sense if you stop to actually think about it.
Evolutionists say that billions of years ago an infinitely small, highly condensed dot called the "singularity" exploded and everything that exists came out of it. Seriously? Who created the dot?? And since when does an explosion create anything so orderly and complex as this amazing universe - or one single strand of DNA?

DNA? Oh, well that happened when lightning struck some slime in a primordial ocean and fused amino acids together. Really!?? Wow. So, if the earth was a molten blob of plasma that began to cool, where did the water come from? That kind of heat should have prevented any moisture from ever developing into OCEANS! It would have all evaporated (which implies that it existed to begin with!). And where did the amino acids that supposedly were the foundation of life come from?
How do we get life from non-living material? Frankenstein-style Electricity is the answer? OK, so since DNA contains the "information" - the genetic codes - that make life develop into whatever form it takes, then after lighting turned that acid into DNA, that one strand would had to have had the genetic blue-print to create ALL life - plant, fish, reptile, bird, animal, man, etc... the information has to come from somewhere. And since all of life supposedly evolved out of this incident, the information to do so had to have been present in that first DNA molecule. That's a serious miracle! Oops! That's a religious word. Sorry.
A theory should be testable. So, go to your local GNC store, buy some complex amino acid and start zapping it with electricity. See what happens. And even if by some miracle you do create a strand of DNA from your experiment, you have to remember that you went to a store and bought the building blocks to do so! You just can not escape the "God Component" of the equation. Anyway...
According to the Theory of Evolution, lightning activated amino-slime became DNA that turned into a single-cell organism. That ONE organism floated to the bottom of the primordial ocean floor. What did it eat? We are led to think that eventually, it got sick of sitting there so it jumped up and evolved into a fish! I Wow SUCH a MIRACLE that one lighting bolt created life from non-living material in the first place, now you're going to tell me that the same thing happened again so that these creatures can eat? But once it eats, then what? You only had one! Just go back and start asking yourself these types of questions anytime you hear or read anything about evolution, and you will quickly realize how ridiculous the whole thing really is. But let's continue...So that fish supposedly swam around for millions of years. How did it live that long? It didn't? It mated and produced offspring? Mated with who? Oh, wow, more miracles needed! OK. Go on. Then one day it decided to see what land was like. Do fish really think like that? So, it evolved legs out of fins and walked onto the land! How did it breath? Oh the gills magically disappeared and the fish went from breathing water to breathing air. Hmmmm. OK. Go on.
Once on land, over millions of years it grew from a tiny lizard-like creature into the giant T-Rex! Wow! Cool! Then as a result of comets and climate change, T-Rex eventually evolved into a bird. What!??? A bird??? Yep. A bird.
So let me get this straight. A fish got tired of water and climbed out on land and grew into a dinosaur. Then those massive land reptiles got sick of the land and shed their scales for feathers, jumped up and started to fly, turning themselves into tiny birds? And that's science???
No matter how you look at it, I can't believe this sort of thing is even taken seriously. But this is college level "education" folks!! Scary. And what's worse is people pay tens of thousands of dollars to get a piece of paper that authorizes them to pass this crap along to the next generation!
People actually believe this stuff, because in essence, it truly is a religion. And the god of this religion is called, "Science." Thus, we have another god at war with the One True God. It is a Theory of Chaos and Chance vs Intelligent Design. And because there is so much evidence for Intelligent Design, many Evolutionists have adopted the idea of Panspermia: the theory that life here must have been "seeded" by life that came from elsewhere. Great. All that does is push the problem further out into space... The idea of Evolution is absolutely absurd. To them, Creationist theories and Biblical explanations are equally absurd. So, while we are all speculating and being absurd, let me throw in another theory concerning T-Rex and other bipedal dinos like him. As I mentioned above, I believe God did create the large, plant eating dinosaurs. * Read in the Bible ~ Job 40: 15 up to Job 42.
God called it the "chief of all He created." Next to man, it was the champion - the most impressive creature walking the planet. God was proud of it! So, what did the Devil do? True to form, I believe he created - or I should say, genetically engineered - a counterfeit. A T-Rex - the King Dinosaur - master of the terrible lizards.

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