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Monday, January 12, 2015

A Christian View on the Creation of the State of Man

Today's message is a Christian view on the creation of the 'State of Man'. What does that mean? It means that man is falling into a state of decay; as such ...the 'State of Man' in this world has an end and there are means out there which are attempting to prevent that end which began the moment sin entered the world and corrupted it. Ironically, the end of man is man; because, he is not the absolute. The means that started long ago are the same. Today, one can hear and read about the 'War on Women'. It is rather the 'War on Family and Motherhood'. The social imagination of family and the role of mother is being devalued. Why? Because it is the means to prevent the end of this corrupt program, this fallen world. What is being imagined as in engineered toward a 'State of Man'? Man - Woman be made as in seen equal. How?

By announcing that each is his/her own savior, he/she or she/he if you prefer is the not the end but the beginning of something greater ~ The State of Man. In order for that to be true for all women and men, a top down engineered system of structured privileges needs to be orchestrated. Why? ...Why would such an engineered system become necessary? Because privileges are gained through obedience, who is with us is for us kind of thinking. What we are for? We are for ourselves, for every man, woman. Yet, in saying that, there is the realization that not everyone can share the top because everyone has their own savior and so everyone has a right because of that. Thus, one has to receive privilege to get there in order to override what is deemed sarcastically as their God given right. In such a system, where everyone is right, how does one get recognition or some sort of position for being right with the group? It is through 'right thinking' based on the corrupt idea that we are each our own savior. Men and women each have their own 'God'.

Now, is this problematic for Christians who say that there is one God and He has a social hierarchy to follow which puts women in second position. Why is this a problem for the secular engineered system that we see developing today? To fully set in motion this system, women have to be brought out of the Godly system, also men but since women have been so called subjected to men, they must be elevated higher or at least to the same level. In such a system the, privileges are a necessary aspect of the scenario. You can get on board the self salvation train as each one of us has privilege to as long as our privilege does not interfere with someone else's. In that mode of imagination, there is a desired path whereby the privileged group usurps the individual. 

How? The path is really the denial of what you are and who you are as a creation of an absolute being ~ the Creator of the universe who knows that the program is corrupted and how it got that way. The denial of the absolute truth shows up in the newly imagined 'God' identified as 'The State of Man' as he projected who you you are and thus you are 'you'  and no one else; therefore, you are a super star. With everyone now made a super star what is the purpose of aspiring to anything but the path of self righteousness. No one is a sinner because we have usurped the absolute path.  Jesus said " if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me." Matthew 16:24

Don't be confused. We are being preached from the top by those who see themselves as already there.... privileged in that they denied themselves in order to join the privileged top - the group 'man/woman' ~ The State' that is a denial the absolute one. We do not have to take up our cross for the absolute one but for the State of Man. There can be no salvation or eternal life in that pursuit. Because, if we imagine that, then the end is already here, we are dead in our social imagination. Salvation can never be provided by the State. The path to having a relationship with the absolute one ~ the Creator of heaven and earth, is to accept the self as a creation of the Creator who is absolute. In that pursuit, we are in the process the social process of imagination of getting to know Him. Hence, the role of mother and father = family is necessary in this process.

Mother has the most important role in the beginning as she is the first in this corrupt world to show the importance of submission to the idea of the absolute, the one who shows submission to the one who is greater, then the father as he too shows himself in submission to the Creator = The Father.
The 'war on women' is the way to create the 'State of Man', it is the way to denounce this social hierarchy the family structure and replace it with the corrupt program of selfish relativism which ultimately has no creator and thus cannot save as it has no means nor will to save.

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