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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Social Imagination - No Place in a Gray World

The social imagination has no place nor purpose in a gray world. The only place or purpose it has in a black and white world with shades of gray in between. I am not taking about skin color. I am talking about  how the social imagination is moved to stretch the imagination. What does that mean? It means that in a relativistic 'gray' world as the one that is being created by liberal progressives where everything is a shade of gray, there is no reason to aspire to anything, to want to be like someone else, to be moved by someone else's idea, music, art or literature. There would be no reason to produce those things knowing no one would be inspired by your art, music etc. It is someone else in our world that is unlike us, different from us that stirs our imagination to be either like them or unlike them even more than we already think. Either way, social dynamics come into play and social engagement produces social effects. Sometimes, good and sometimes not so good depends the opposition. Even conflict stirs the social imagination. In a gray world, what would social imagination have to do? After all, mine is as good as yours in a gray world.  Would it be? Would social imagination even exist in a gray world. The answer is No. Yet, this is the kind of reality that the liberal progressive seeks as it sounds nice because it sounds like everyone is beautiful, caring, happy, and dedicated and motivated. The question is to what would anyone be dedicated to, motivated toward, happy about, care about???? Let alone, would beauty even exist. You cannot know beauty without knowing what is not beautiful. Great things have been accomplished in the 'black and white' social imagination. Why/How? Because, it is distinct, it reveals what is ideal. There maybe shades of gray between the black and white but they exist in transitory. They are the illusion. The ideal is what is real and or realer. Because, without them nothing would be real.

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