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Monday, September 15, 2014

Forgiving in the Social Imagination ~ Fundamentally Essential!

In the Social Imagination, we need to be forgiving. We need to forgive those that have hurt us or caused us/others injustice. We need to forgive! Because no one is without the need of forgiveness, no one is without sin. "Let he is without sin cast the first stone." John 8:7

When we forgive, we open ourselves to God's grace to work in our life. This is the purpose of forgiveness. It is that we forgive those who trespass against us that we are delivered from evil. When it comes to religions the difference in social imagination is fundamental. What is that fundamental difference? Forgiveness. If we were a quantum computer program designed to operate/function/run as quickly as possible and without second guessing, without hesitation, without thinking about who should get or not get information and or who would be best to get information/who deserves such information... we as that quantum computer would not function at all.

Imagine that a quantum computer functions as though all functions are true, are without corruption. How? The key is in the program and it is forgiveness, total ultimate forgiveness which means that there is no harm done because it is not recognized. How is it not recognized? The program would be commanded to automatically forgive. This comes through / is made possible in the 'word' command given by the creator of the program. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Why, because of the fallen condition of the program, no man is without sin and sin separates us from God Isa 59:2. 

We can imagine then in order that the a computer program run effectively without end forgiveness is necessary to be fully restored in relationship with the Creator and can be saved!  As it is with man created in the image of God, salvation is a free gift to those who believe that Jesus (God) the Creator is the only way to the Father and eternal salvation... there is no work in that as it is through trusting in the command that forgiveness is ours through Jesus Christ as all people are equal in their sin and all need equal forgiveness. Love thy neighbor as thyself!

This is another example of a command that shows 'metaphorically' how a creator given command  overcomes corruption (viruses using computer jargon), in a program. Operating on the information as it is true and correct requires obeying the command as it is true. (what command? love thy neighbor as thyself- see no difference) How can that work? God the creator has the correct information. He is in control. Imagining a quantum program, if the program acts in another way other than what the creator commands, then it only adds to the corruption.

One could say that isn't it enough that God knows about the corruption and will reboot when he wants to and cut out the corruption and update based on his mercy, right? Why forgiveness as a command on our part? Jesus Christ, the Lord God and the Creator wants a relationship with His creation, not just to create/delete and or reboot time and time again. Those who believe with live with Jesus forever.

The Christian God commands us to forgive in order to draw us into Himself. But, because the Christian God is a Perfect God, he requires that sin be forgiven. An imperfect God (anti-Christ) would not require this, it would be enough for an imperfect God to choose as an imperfect God, the task is to eternally create/destroy and create again without the purpose of adding to himself; with sole purpose of remaining as such 'imperfect' and becoming perfect in the sense of not desiring to add to himself.  The imagined perfect quantum computer wants to add to itself and not have to stop, delete/destroy and create again in order to get it right. The perfect quantum computer is programmed to forgive so that it can grow and eternally have its program systems saved to be used as true and to grow in that truth.

Such a computer would not have to think about itself ... it knows itself n a way that is indescribable to us as operations in such a quantum system. We can imagine that as programs in a quantum computer in order to function at the speed of light or even faster is to rest in the command of forgiveness that all 'sin' has been overcome through forgiveness (which is unconditional love) and thus all can be saved simultaneously. Hence, the 'forgiveness' key command, it is the saving command. And all data in the program too must have and run the same command given to it. In this metaphor, I realized that forgiveness and trusting in that command 'to forgive' is the fundamental difference between super computers and quantum computers - Christianity and other religions. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  The prayer commanded by the Father, the Lord God, Creator of heaven and earth.

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