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Thursday, September 25, 2014

No Black Holes

Physics Prof. Mersini-Houghton looked at two leading theories of the universe, Einstein's theory of gravity and a fundamental law of quantum theory. The theories appear to contradict each other — the quantum theory law says that "no information from the universe can ever disappear," while Einstein's theory "predicts the formation of black holes." But Mersini-Houghton has merged what was known as the "information law paradox," and her findings will make scientists "reimagine the fabric of space-time" and "rethink the origins of the universe," according to the university.

As you know, I write about Social Imagination. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on the Social Imagination.
So, I find it very interesting that this physics professors uses words that I as a Doctor of Sociology us. Which words??? Re-imagine and Rethink. In my work, re-imagining was concluded as only a reshuffling of what was socially accepted as normal social behavior. I have argued like Cornelius Castoriadus that human beings are social and only able to imagine what they have already come to know and or experience... after all 'There is nothing new under the sun.' Solomon.
My respondents were only able to put together an ideal society based on what they knew and accepted through social interaction in the place where they were born. For the respondents (world travelers) what they considered the best practices were acquired in the place in which they were born and raised. Though some had lived in exotic places among primitive peoples and some among people who could have been considered superior to them, they structured their ideal society on what the information embedded in them through social interaction in the place they were born. Any re-imagining was a blending of what they held as best practices integrated only those things which appeared to be similar to their own. We can only imagine what we socially agree on. That is the point. From a Christian perspective, the word rethink = repent. It means that when things look a certain way, or you are interpreting information a certain way, internalizing it to fit your needs or a small groups needs only, then you must repent, rethink ... take a broader perspective - think of others. By doing so, you will change negative outcomes or unsuitable/uncomfortable outcomes and best possible outcomes for a wider application will be made possible.  Rethinking the origins of the universe as in 'no black holes' does give us broader perspective, and likely positive outcomes.

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