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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Necessary Aspect in the Social Imagination ~ Identity!

Who you are and are not is fundamental to anyone's being as an individual because it requires the identification with others as a group to which the one belongs. Before, providing an argument for identity, it is necessary to begin with a premise -that which helps to support an argument.

Premise- as a Christian, race, ethnicity, sexuality, geography of location and all things of the flesh do not matter for the one who is a child of the Light (Jesus Christ is the Light of the World). Being a child of the Light (Jesus Christ) means living in the light which in this fallen world means constant attempts (struggles) to deny the flesh in order to live fully in the light.

Therefore, the flesh and its fleshly desires: sex, money, pride, greed, arrogance, etc. make no contribution to identity of the self as spirit but only bring down the self into mere decaying flesh destined for destruction. Identity in the spirit of Jesus Christ has no fleshly borders or requirements other than abandonment of the flesh as Christ demonstrated during his time on earth.

We constantly search for this kind of identity through organized religion whether it is led by a priest or pastor or president. We imagine that by searching we will encounter our 'true self' failing to realize it was always there - the Kingdom is within ~ Luke 17:21.

We mistakenly think that identity is outside of us in the flesh and presenting itself to us in the fleshly group we gravitate toward for this longed after identity; whether it be by color, creed or geography or even social contract. We fail to identify with the spirit when it comes to identity; failing to embrace the spirit- our true self.

It does not come by yoga meditation, or serving in soup kitchens. It comes to us through love of the self as we let go and become free from the flesh and the desires of this world. It is nothing to work for as it is freely given as a gift ~ Ephesians 2:8.

If you love the world and its fleshly identity, you will always be hungry, always thirsty and disappointed in the flesh... If we all want to be apart of one body... let it be the Body of Christ!

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