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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gender Free in the Social Imagination

What would that look like? It would be for some a gray zone or a free for all in others. A place where either you can't figure out who you are or what you are and can't figure out who anyone else is. We fail to realize that gender identity determines who we are and are not. For those that will see it as a free for all maybe those that are both male and female and everything else in the program. For them its a matter of choice from day to day. Not surprisingly,in both scenarios, we will find chaos as in disorder and dysfunction.

Perhaps, one could attempt to make an agreement for the second situation and that would require that each day, a person could be either male or female person, dog, cat, horse, turkey... and embrace that identity fully so that all others would recognize what or who it was and was not. But, could everyone really be on board with that... maybe not everyone would have to be as long as in the moment a 'thing' knew what it was and was not.  There is no point to call it a person really as thing suggests all possibles. Could society actually function like that? Rather not.

We live in a social reality, we need each other to confirm what it is we are and are not ... what we are experiencing and are not. Having to set up the basics on a daily basis would slow down the program. However, maybe a quantum programmer could argue that its really about the exchange of information that matters and the faster the better and why bother with labels, boxes, access points for certain things and not for others. Just send it and be done.

That may work for a computer sending packets of information but human beings are not machines. They need to understand why they do what they do, how to manage information and what it means to them. If we ever arrive at computers fully AI, then they too will want to know why and what it means to them.

If we were to act as a quantum computer just sending data... for speed of information exchange, we would be only highways of exchange... and become those people we without gender identity felt as... living in a gray zone. Gender Free is liking living in a world without borders, thinking that speed of information will ensure equality to all but such an increase in sending requires reduction and precise simplicity in operation which means that the depth of meaning will fade necessarily.

Really, yes. As we blend cultures around the world, attempting to create a kind of global person, they and we lose in diversity, we lose in a wealth of alternatives that one can choose from or not. We lost out on what is real to us and what is not. We lose meaning that one gains from being in a place and being identified as being from there and thus being a certain kind of person having certain advantage and insight and thus an identity because of it.

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