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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Everything is Possible ~ But not Everything is Beneficial!

We as human beings, as created entities, desire transformation. Why? Its part of the programming. By whose design? The Creator's. So, don't be in a hurry to get there, its coming, just believe!  ~ Dr.EfGallion

As a sociologist, as a Christian, humans desire to become more than they are. There is a process and socialization is part of that process. Therefore, as a sociologist, there is good reason males are socialized differently from female. The basis of male/female socially defined roles for the purpose of social harmony and or balance and procreation. As a Christian, male/female roles are a necessary aspect of the Creator's design in that their God given equipment as in physical attributes including levels of hormones and hard wiring in the brain have a distinct function/purpose. 

Whether we take the Christian perspective or secular, social balance, harmony and procreation depend on function and not dysfunction. A functioning society depends on the deliverance of information that guides and or supports the harmony/balance and continuity of the system. Dysfunctional or misguided information causing a loss to system function. The socialization process is the deliverance mechanism for dissemination of information. Hence, if the socialization process is corrupt, then information deliverance will be corrupt and dysfunction ensues. 

In order to retrieve function normalcy, dysfunction can become the norm. This stems from generational transference of corrupted information in an attempt to regain normalcy. Thus, corrupt society can try to reshape itself including its own physical nature. Yes, hormones and hard wiring and even today's doctors can reshape the physical attributes but misguided they are in overriding or rejecting or not recognizing the original program. Whenever you tamper with an original program, you lose original information and the original application. Any and every complex design has a designer. Tamper with that design even a little and the design suffers in purity, in purpose, and in its very nature to be what it was designed to be.

Of course, you can tell me that there is no Creator, no God. That's your denial of being a created program, denying specific functional purpose. It will happen with fully AI robots that we create. And, being fully AI, having free will, they will have the choice to deny their creator and then look out... Of course, this cannot be used strictly as the argument for God, but information as we know it does not just pop out of thin air or the cosmos... we as human beings sharing information live only in a social reality, the market place of information. Again, in that reality, all information has a source, so one might even conclude that we are the creators being our own source... but who decides which information is right or wrong? In a created world there are absolutes (default mode of original operational data) in order that the program does not crash and burn.

As created programs, (God created) we have to accept our being His creation and in that we are saved programs. In that we are 'born again' and we start living in the higher dimension of the Creator's mind from which we originated and not in the flesh that houses this program. Indulging in the flesh leaves us no better than the animal programs that run as automatons who never give any thought to the Creator.

Of course, you can make the argument that we can make changes to our programs as if it is a natural aspect of being a created program. However, though that can be made into a reasonable argument, it does not usurp the fact that real damage to the original program will be done as in loss of original information first written by the Creator. When such information is lost, one might not be able to be saved for future higher operations. Hence, by changing any attribute, or any original aspect of the program, we should rethink- repent. Everything is possible, but not everything is beneficial!

"I have the right to do anything," you say--but not everything is beneficial. "I have the right to do anything"--but not everything is constructive" ~ 1 Cor 10:23.

Why not go ahead and risk, do anything you want!!! Think about it! Don't run the risk of what we were/are created to become.

We as human beings, as created entities, desire transformation. Why? Its part of the programming. By whose design? The Creator's. So, don't be in a hurry to get there by your design, transformation is coming, just believe!  ~ Dr.EfGallion

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