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Friday, March 4, 2016

The Future of Social Imagination!

A Planet for Well Kept Humans?

What will the social imagination being like in 10-15 years? Will it be allowed to be creative or will it be made to just follow orders, as in well trained robots. Rather, we the components of social imagination, will be made redundant after the last job is taken and then eliminated. Yes, jobs as in work is an important aspect of the social imagination. Working in our field of expertise provides much positive worth for the social imagination which is both the individual and the group. The benefit is for our social health and well being regarding the individual and group neither actually existing without the other.

So, why would that aspect of social imagination our social reality disappear? It won't entirely but it will be squeezed down by men with good intentions. There are fewer and fewer jobs and not all jobs require that much intention and or effort as machines take over. We have been on the downward spiral of the leisure class since Veblen wrote it. Because, leisure is a lie. Only fulfilling work with its intentional engagement to serve others satisfies man in this social reality. Even communists recognize that, the difference is that they wanted/want to control the work as they thought/think they knew/know better than most. They like all socialists do want everyone to work as long as their work does not take away from their elite work and their power over it. Hence, free market is out of the question.

Can't we all be productive? We could if we were freely allowed to but freedom is on the decline. Why? Fear, and the most fearful are the ruling elite. They can't imagine a future with 300 million people having the freedom they need to be socially engaged and satisfied with their engagement.

What kind of future will there be? A very limited one. Yes, we will be lured into at first. It will sound so paradise-like, lead by socialist idealists. The false promise is that everybody will be equal, everybody will be right and everybody would be able to do what they want but only if they are extraordinary in the eyes of the higher levels of society which is orchestrated by them and their machines which will be given control social life. After all, with little work to be done, how can so many people take up the same leisure as those at the top?

Yes, the road to hell is paved by men with good intentions. Man would love to work at what he was created to do, and that is to be creative. However, man lives in a fallen world and since the fall, he has been running away from the destiny of this fleshly world. Why? Because, he has known for some time that work here and now is futile... it is run by men who too live in a fallen world. He too 'all men' run (s) from this fallen world as it is destined to death the result of original sin. But, in that there is hope and also blessing, as blessed is he who dies to their flesh ... to this fallen world.

Yes, yes yes...screaming people will say 'what about here and now'? Well, for the atheist, that is a problem. Because,  if one is stuck in the here and now of the flesh, their social imagination will be limited in that respect.

What will the future be? For those who live by faith, it will be a reboot into a greater social imagination. 

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