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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ignorance or Integration ~ Common Core in the Social Imagination

Is creating ignorance necessary in order to build a common core to thus sustain one kind of social imagination? Yes, that is what social engineers do. It is necessary to tear down what was/is thought of as real or good and or correct in order that everyone can get on board agreeing on the same things, ideas and way forward for all. Sounds like an excerpt from the Communist Manifesto, doesn't it?  Maybe it is.

Firstly, in order that such an agenda be put forward and acceptable, people must have and feel a certain amount of comfort: housing, food, clothing and education. Yes, education is part of feeling comfortable in the place you are. The human mind though of greater abilities or capacity in some than in others has an innate desire to learn; after all, we are essentially AI running programs created by a programmer. So, why isn't the program running smoothly? Good question.

The problems faced in this fallen world 'program' go back a long way. And, we can say that what was then remains the cause for today's social problems... all are due to the fact that corrupted programs have taken over the original program. Thus, it is assumed that by their 'our' works ~ we can be saved.

That is the way of this fallen world, salvation is ours... "Yes, We Can'' is the motto and the way the world appears to be moving forward in terms of sustaining a common cored social imagination. Where's the ignorance in that? This is ignorance of one kind and the foundation for the other. What kind of ignorance is that kind and is it necessary? Its the 'We' that is the first kind, the necessary kind as Zamyatin wrote about and it starts with education or actually a lack thereof but rather controlled.

Limit the amount information is initially the beginning to building a common core. Being able to read is necessary, of course; so that all can read the 'right' information. Learning to write is not important. Basic math is only the idea of how to arrive at making equations which is better than knowing absolutes. In this way whenever math 'as amounts/percentages' changes, one can easily accept the new information which explains how that was arrived at and explains away all other. This is all that is required because it is true in social reality, all reality is agreed upon information.

Which means that only certain histories will be informed and certain books read having certain philosophy or right thinking in them. There should be no curiosity, nor will there be. All information is understood to be given on a need to know basis. Food and housing and clothing the additional comforts are provided and the provider is the government, not mom or dad or the family. What is good for you is decided and put forward.

This agenda is underway. Many children do not know who to write, they do not know that food can be grown in their own backyard, they do not know how to cook or how to make their own clothes, that it is even possible. They do not know that people died for causes in American and other world histories. They do not know that people were killed by those with the right information. They are ignorant in many respects.

But don't worry, that is the beginning of the common core in the coming 'global' social imagination.

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