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Friday, December 11, 2015

Imagining the Future!

In an ever growing and developing global world order, we can and should expect this. The middle class was a well paid indentured servant. Who is now being made redundant. If parents want a future for their children, they better make sure they are or can become extraordinary in/at something. Fortunately, the Arts and Sports will still be loved by the elite and they will pay for it; especially if their own children are not gifted or extraordinary in those areas. 

Also, human services for the elite will be worthwhile pursuits: restaurants, spas, salons for hair and nails as well as household/retail help for those that do/will dislike robots and help with their pet (s) and pet care. Employment for the average masses will be in those fields at places such as: retreat centers, malls, pet care centers, and as hotel/vacation operators. Housing as we know it today will disappear. So, the employed will live and work in the same place. What about doctors/dentists? They will be trained to work at spa or health care facilities that offer rehabilitation so hospitals as we know them will be made unnecessary. 

Medicine will change dramatically and all doctors and dentists will simply become health and well being supervisors since technology will take their place and the need of surgery and simple treatments. Particle physics is moving into medicine and this is why I see this as normal in the future. What about engineers? Yes, but so few are going to be necessary and the pool of global resources (hiring abroad) will be the favored so engineering will be very limited and fall only to the extraordinary.

What about lawyers? No need of them in the future as profiling and laws will take their place, providing immediate justice through drone interception, and no courts. What about agriculture and pharmaceuticals? Again, the extraordinary or those willing to do menial labor in their processing plants using 3-D printing will find work but again there will be limited positions. What about in chemistry and physics? Yes, but again only those of extraordinary intellect will take those positions and again given the pool of resources at the global level (seeing a world without borders) they too will be limited.

Oh, and what about education - Online! 

What about social justice? Why will there still be 'elites'? Because, elites do not go away in a man made society. There will always be those who think they should be at the top, get to the top or are give the top. 
There is not much room at the top for others/anyone else. And, once there, its not easy to stay nor easy to give up. No matter who falls or who gets favor, the structure remains. 

There is only one in whom you are free indeed ~ Jesus Christ!

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