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Monday, October 26, 2015

Average American Social Imagination ~ A Danger to the Ruling Class

That's right! The 'your' social imagination can appear dangerous to the ruling classes. Why? Because, it means that a group of people outside of their group the 'ruling class' can think for themselves and make decisions that the ruling classes do not like nor want to deal with. Many sociologists have noted this in their observations of social class structural phenomenon. What is the outcome of this dislike, denial or rejection of those who exist just beneath the ruling classes; and,... who are they? They are the aristocracy, the upper upper class, the lower upper class and the upper middle... and that one is stretching it a bit too far but nonetheless are engaged in the ruling class more so than what lies beyond them. In fact, what does lie beyond the upper middle class, are many people who as groups below the ruling classes, exist for the ruling classes as grunts put to work not for their own desires and benefits but the desires and benefits of the ruling classes.

Sounds like a Marxist outcry, doesn't it. Yes, but the solution to it is not socialism nor communism. It is the free market. However, in our higher institutions of education and even in the lower structures of public education, the free market is not offered as a solution. The social imagination is a great thing when it is given freedom or inasmuch liberty as possible to exercise its creativity. This is the danger. The ruling classes feel threatened by this kind of freedom and thus they close in on any and all creativity that threatens their status. Their means or strategy of control is through education and propaganda. They instill fear in the masses so that they are cowed into thinking that the only hope they have and their children have is through education .... and how conveniently offered by the institutional structures of the ruling classes.

They educate and control the masses through media as well as products and services. Max Weber told us that choices are what define us. He was right and hence, the ruling classes jumped on that band wagon. They make people think that it was their own choice that either brought them success or failure; but ironically it is they the ruling classes that control all choices including the good and the best choices. They use government, both federal and state and even local to attain their agenda which is to stay in power. They use products that keep people in the vicious loop of consumption and jobs that turn over, go away or have ridiculous criteria to meet ... the right 'fit' as it is being called. What is that anyway? It is their means of limiting  the best of what is out there to their own circle of friends.

The education now being fed to children to their young social imaginations is to accept this, to fit in... after all, "If you're not with us, your against us"...This saying is not for any party in particular... it is the saying of the ruling classes! Are you one of them... the 'ingroup'. You maybe if you are an aristocrat of find yourself in the upper upper lower upper and upper middle class. Or... You may find yourself 'with them and not against them'... not by your own choice, but by their choice. What a social imagination!

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