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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Living a true Social Imagination

Mother is the beginning of the social reality. Socialization of the individual begins in the womb. Until we start cloning or growing fetus to full term in a facility, mother in our 'human' condition is the first encounter with social reality- social imagination. Role expectations are necessary in order to live a 'true' and complete social imagination. She introduces us to the basic program using basic information and builds or imparts more information when needed. Others in her immediate social reality also have a role regarding imparting information; father, grandparents and other children if the child is not the first born.

Who is it then that wishes to separate this connection, this life of information transmission? Is it the state? What is the state? Isn't it a collective of the social imagination? Emile Durkheim thought so and consider it the 'society' which came over and above the individual as in ruling /controlling the person. Was he right? Is that necessary in our social imagination? Is it a good thing and necessary for 'good' society?

What is good for 'society', living a true and complete social imagination? Durkheim missed what mother's do. It is the basic code which they pass on 'the will to live life' and it must be passed on in order for good society to exist. In order to live a true and complete social imagination mother must pass on this information and she is the one, not a top down structure that has eliminated mother's worth, presence and role in society.

Of course, not every mother in every society in every place has the same information. Cultures, histories, geographies with their economics as well as politics govern that, or at least seem to. But, what mothers every where do know and impart is life and the social imagination through shared intimate connectedness and contentedness and that equals security, peace and love.

 Let us pray that all mothers everywhere can fulfill their role in the social imagination.

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