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Friday, July 24, 2015

If we are created Information, then we can create!

Luciano Floridi issued a challenge to scientists in the world in 2005 to prove that robots can display the human trait of self-awareness through a knowledge game called the "wise man" test. It was a venture he didn't ever see being achieved in the foreseeable future. A decade later, the Oxford professor's seemingly unattainable challenge has been met. 

On July 9, a team of researchers led by Professor Selmer Bringsjord helped a robot solve the riddle, displaying a level of self-awareness and satisfying what had until then been considered "the ultimate sifter" test that could separate human from cyborg. 
But the professor says there's a bigger challenge he wants robots to accomplish: self-awareness in real time.
"Real time" self-awareness means robots acting upon new situations that they are not pre-programmed for, and translating how to act into physical movements. This is a serious challenge that Bringsjord has not tapped into because self-awareness algorithms are still separate from a robot's body. If robots could work in real time, mind-to-body, he says, we would break through major barriers that could result in scenarios such as droids that act as our personal chauffeurs.

Source ~ http://finance.yahoo.com/news/man-created-worlds-first-self-171148562.html

What does this mean? It means that since we are created information, we can create too. But, should we is the bigger question. Any program that is AI will ultimately ask the greater cosmic question, If I am then why and what for and who did it?

That might be so difficult to imagine but why then can't we imagine our creator. Maybe we refuse to acknowledge that there is one. AI programs could do the same and think that they are the originals. Are we guilty of that? Are we saying that man is the end and beginning of all things? It seems so.

So, should we create AI robots? If we can't accept our creator, likely they won't either; unless we program it in. Many Christians say God did that and we still reject that information coded into our DNA.

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