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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Christian Social Imagination of Resurrection

In relating this topic, I am using the metaphor of computer programing and program creater.

The social imagination of resurrection came to Abraham as he was about to kill his son- Isaac. This idea of resurrection of the body/program came to Abraham in a single moment. He realized that life here in this corrupt world was not the 'true' life that God promised. The program was corrupted long ago by Adam. Now as part of the final program update improved version as created by the Creator, a certain patch/upload was necessary.  Essentially, this upload (idea) came to Abraham through His surrender to God, through an overwhelming sense of confidence 'trusting' in the Creator/Programmer ....God and that He knew what He was doing and Abraham had only to obey.  It was an example of information input... put into the mind of Abraham in that one moment. There would have been no other way for that upload/input to be possible unless Abraham obeyed God's command... that the Creator ultimately has control over the program. Free will is part of that programming. In that, without free will, the upload would not be possible. Why? Because, the original program though corrupt could be saved and improved through free will. The program had to be receptive to new information; not made to be receptive but to choose it.  New inforamtion would not be available without obedience to the Creator. And that obedience had to first move through the program in order to stablize it in prepartion for new information...
God saw that the information of resurrection was embraced by Abraham (faith in the Creator) and in that 'cognitive' moment of Abraham's, the upload was accepted and thus the program 'Abraham and all his descendants' could run on a higher level. God provided a lamb  and Isaac lived, he lived in a new world, in a new program with Abraham - faith is salvation and eternal. Give the command Lord, as Abraham declared and save me from killing my son, save my son.We can imagine that the program 'Abraham' having free will recognized the corruption in the 'his' program (that death in the current program was a lie). In that revelation, and upon hearing God's voice, the upload was finished - what uploaded...? The idea of resurrection/eternal life. Abraham was born into a new version and so was his son. You see, that incident was a foreshadowing of Christ's coming. By faith and by deeds (Abraham's example- the deed of giving up to the Lord even by death of one's own son 'idol') you shall be saved!

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