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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Absolutism vs Relativism

A metaphor for discerning between Absolutism and Relativism.

There were three umpires discussing their approach to the game... doing their job. 

The first one said, "when it comes to balls and fouls, I call them as they are."
The second one said, "when it comes to balls and fouls, I call them as I see them."
The third one said, "when it comes to balls and fouls, they ain't nothing til I call them." 

Which one accepts that an absolute truth exists? 

The relativist is always seeking the truth but that truth is always their truth... and so I ask what is seeking truth about??? Good question. They answer is that it is the seeking. Or, I have heard that it is about growing... but, I say No, that is really denying growth. How is growing up in your own truth growth? If anything it only means that you are changing your mind and will continue to change your mind. That is not growing! 
If you tell a person of the relativistic view that they actually seek an absolute, they will deny that too; which is obvious that they do seek an absolute... mmm their own absolute which is not anyone's.. guess then that it is not an absolute. Their justification is that they seek an ultimate self truth which they can only know. I say that is sad... because ultimately there is no sharing in that. Why??? Because if I have my 'own' absolute truth it can never be yours cause you already have your own. They don't get that either. 

What is absolute truth? The Word of God! The creator of heaven and earth and all things seen and unseen!

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