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Monday, March 3, 2014

What We Think, becomes what We Say and what We Say becomes what We Do

Matter responds to faith and words! If you don't like your life, then consider carefully what you think about yourself, what you say and what you do. Imagine what you can do to change what you think, say and do. Then try... Charles H. Cooley said that society is the locus of the mind. He said that everything happens in your mind and if you don't like what is happening to you and to your world (social reality), then only you can change it. Who was Cooley?

Cooley believed that social reality was qualitatively different from physical reality and was therefore less amenable to measurement. Because of this view, he was more productive as a social theorist than as a research scientist. His Human Nature and the Social Order (1902, reprinted 1956) discussed the determination of the self through interaction with others. Cooley theorized that the sense of self is formed in two ways: by one’s actual experiences and by what one imagines others’ ideas of oneself to be—a phenomenon Cooley called the “looking glass self.” This dual conception contributed to Cooley’s fundamental theory that the mind is social and that society is a mental construct. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/136159/Charles-Horton-Cooley

We live in God's imagination, but because He gave us free will, we too have an imagination... like the one Cooley describes. It is social because God is social. It is when we are resisting God's imagination as first in our imagination that we stop thinking, saying and doing what is true about us and what God knows to be true about us. The way back to thinking, saying and doing what is true about us is through the Son...

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