Exploring the Social Imagination

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Creative Function of the Social Imagination

People use and are intrinsically bound to the collectiveness of social reality and social knowledge. Social Imagination can be understood simply as collective mentality - individuals who as social composites imagine themselves as real through social interaction in a place over time. This imagining of ourselves and others connects us in a social reality. Out of this forms a structure of social identity kept together through social imagination.
We can never escape the social imagination, we are not isolated islands but rather webs of social connections with the mind as the "locus of society"- Cooley

This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of exploring group membership and identity.
 My husband, who is a philosopher and teacher and evangelist will, from time to time, contribute his thoughts on the nature of the holographic universe as it applies to the social imagination.

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  1. I truly look forward to future postings and hope to integrate some ideas I have in relation to this fascinating subject. I also am excited to be your partner in this blog ans well as having your unique observations on my own.

    Concerning this subject, I am reminded that this interconnected social reality may rest in the form of the non-local nature of our reality as found in quantum physics. This would give a hard science perspective to your social science mapping of social reality.