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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Fake News is Just Disagreement Between Information Sources in the Social Imagination...

Yes, that is certainly one way to look at it....

If you have been following along you as a reader should have some grasp of the social imagination and that we live in an information reality which is concreted or 'made' real through agreement. If it is not clear yet, there can only be one source of absolute truth and all others have deviations from it; just like in the game of telephone. The closer you are to the original 'absolute' source of information, the more real and true it is. And, if you are next in line to it, you pretty much have the truth.

In a fallen world such as this, in a state of entropy, there are many out there who are far from the source of the absolute truth, and thus agree on 'fake' or false information. Hence, one can understand how and why there is 'fake news'.  This is also the cause of great argument and conflict worldwide.

Now, even if you don't want to believe me and many will not want to, I can assure you that I am more right than wrong. Why? Well, most people have been dumbed down so much that they will believe anything they are led to think is true. Largely, because those who run the insitutions like it that way. They realize that they may not have the absolute truth and so they pretend that they do to retain their positions of power and prestige. That is why you see only certain opinions allowed and or what they consider facts, and historical interpretations.

There is a national and worldwide crisis at hand; you can read about but better to observe it first hand if you know what I mean... with all the fake news out there. Only problem is that we cannot be everywhere at once and there is a lot that should be paid attention. So, we tend to locate news sources which we 'trust' but its those that we tend to agree with. How can you be sure that what you read has any truth whatsoever? Depends on who you think is the source of the absolute truth and who agrees with you on that and defends it.

If you are outside of the idea that there is a source of absolute truth, you have a real problem. In fact, your world will seem like a vicious circle of inquiry, doubt and fear in the end; which takes you back to or gets you to inquire again, doubt again and fear. And, that is how it is for those who are in the world, there is nothing new under the sun. Get it?

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