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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Coming of the 45th President~ In Line with the Next Turning... Part II

A couple of posts ago, I discussed a book by William Strauss and Neil Howe. It is titled, "The Fourth Turning... An America Prophecy." The authors made excellent observations and gave insights to understanding past and present generations and 'turnings'. The later means changes in society as in 'upsets'.

If you recall from Part I, the first is a high (feel good time) turning, followed by an awakening (spiritual upheaval)  and then an unraveling (downcast era) and then a crisis (decisive era) . Strauss and Howe label generations which line up with the turnings: prophets are born during the high turning, nomads born in the awakening and heroes born in the unraveling with artists born in crisis.

According to Strauss and Howe, my parents were born in the crisis turning and they became the benefactors of the high turning. I was born in the awakening and have been disappointed with society by being caught up in the unraveling. Children born in the unraveling become heroes who have to deal with the next crisis turning.

Who do we have in the next president? Donald Trump was born during the high turning which makes him of the prophet generation. Interesting. It seems his political presence is telling something about what is to come/expect and should prepare for. Remember, what is followed by a high turning- the awakening - nomads, then the unraveling. Who were born during the unraveling?... heroes.

If anything, we can expect a major change in the social imagination like never before. We are at the cusp of it now. The prophet is going to lead, the nomads will follow their tribal leader and the heroes will have to fight for it all to continue... the cycles, the turnings and the generations.

All in all, the greatest changes will be in social imagination as they always are... now, as we find jobs changing due to new technology spurred on by cost of employment and health care as well as changing due to the global political, military and economic re-positioning. The heroes will save what they think they can and even think they did a noble thing but will they have saved their generation or just the future for the next turning. What they will do is bring us through the crisis and have their children born in crisis. Those children will be artists and they may or may not be considered 'the lucky ones' but they surely will be benefiting from the next 'high' turning.  Only time will tell.

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