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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In This World of Social Imaginations... You Can't Always Get What you Want!

The victory song of the President Elect Donald Trump was "You Can't Always Get What you Want" by the Rolling Stones and how apropos. In this nation of 300 million + social imaginations, that is the truth. And it is the absolute truth in a fallen world.  What you might get as the song goes on to say is what you need.

What is that we want? We want our cake and to eat it too. We want a house, two cars, three kids a dog and a cat. We want to have sex with whoever we want and we don't want to have to identify with any of it if we don't' want to. We want free education and health care. We want money to buy those things we must have like a house, a car or two (SUV preferably) and fine clothes not forgetting organic food at good restaurants.

And who pays? Well, now that is the question. If you have a good paying job and work hard, in time, you could have and some still can have those things (some jobs do pay well but they are few and or in areas of expertise that many people can't achieve -not everyone is cut out to be a neurosurgeon). If you are impatient, you can go into debt (working at a home improvement store or retail shop) and really work hard thereafter. We have been led to believe that education will provide a job and we will get those things we want. But, in a fallen world, we have to be realistic. We might not always get what we want when we want it.

Which brings us to the questionable millennial mindset. Why is that millennials think that someone else has to pay for it, the government but isn't that you/me? Is it because they have been told this is the way forward? Yes, for the most part, they have been told that without a doubt if they get an education a good job will follow. To their surprise, they are slapped with a huge college debt and no job... so,what would you expect. That is the problem. They have been lied to by society and largely the system of education which is more a business than an institution of higher learning. And, led to believe that everyone is college material and everyone can and should go. Not, true. But, then what jobs are left... skilled labor or other jobs that used to pay can no longer support anyone in an inflated economy.

Times are different now that is for certain. We/they forget that jobs have gone overseas and worse is that though we love technology it improves rapidly. Technology in 4 years will be greater and likely the jobs those graduates were counting being educated for or trained for will be gone by the time they graduate. Or this scenario, whatever jobs remain new immigrants come into the country better educated or trained for that job.

The government cannot make promises nor can it guarantee that it will provide people with jobs... let alone cake. Should anyone crumble and cry because they can't have their cake and to eat it too? Though we all want to have cake and to eat it too, we can't make false promises. Now, there is no reason to get depressed because you can't have what you want when you want it since we know you can't always have what you want when you want it.

No one can in this fallen world can have... at least not the way they would want it. Sure it looks like other people are getting their way just the way they wanted it but you cannot know that ... its assumption. And you can bet there assumptions about you too. There are plenty of people worse off than you and better off as well. Again, we all want to be better off. But, in this fallen world, there is no fair way to give everyone what they want when they want it. Not even the possibility to ensure even a fair shot at it free education and health care that will make this fallen world for you a paradise.

Of course, your life is extremely valuable to you and to your loved ones, but not to someone in Timbuktu and neither is it that important to Uncle Sam's bean counters. You want to live longer because you want to live longer. And, so for you an ounce of prevention is worthy a pound of cure, but the math is reversed for the government; healthy people cost more than sick people. Once you hit the point of diminishing returns, the moment you stop paying taxes and start collecting tax payers subsidies ~ Jonah Goldberg. And, thus you become a burden to government and to all tax payers.

When people continue to work past 62 or 65 there is no job for the younger person to step in. Same with housing and creating a burden on the system in terms of energy and even food. There is the argument that seniors keep young people employed as the health care business is a money maker and that is true to a certain point. But, its the government that is largely footing the bill, very few seniors have the big bucks to solely pay for their surgeries. And, very few stay 100 percent healthy past the ago of 80.

Does this mean we should institute a Soylent Green program? Well, I would hope not but things may go that way. Why? Because, in this fallen world (with a growing population) you can't always get what you want and with more people wanting what they want when they want it... it gets expensive. Sounds tragic, sounds like there is no hope. Again, that is because we expect eternal life in paradise here and now. We All want eternal life in paradise that is not possible here and now, not in this fallen world. What can we do? We can hand over our troubles to the only one that can take us there ~ Jesus Christ.

Then, we can with His direction take up our cross and move forward here and now. For the eternal life in paradise is waiting for us...remember eternal life in paradise is not here and now, not in this fallen world. Live for the Lord Jesus Christ the Creator or heaven and earth and store up a treasure in heaven which will be ours in the new Jerusalem a upgraded here and now! ~ See - Matthew/Revelation.

How do we live for Christ? Spread the Good News which is that eternal life awaits those who have faith.

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