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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Unrealistic Glut in the 'Bacon Seed' Social Imagination

They think that they can have what they want when they want it and for free. They think that there is no cost involved. This is the 'bacon seed' day care mentality. If they the little 'bacon seeds' scream loud enough people will give them what I want. They behave like 3-4 year olds in day care. If you can deal with them, you can deal with the majority of millennials. They want a trophy for showing up. That's because they think they are smarter than past generations. Why? How? They say because they have technology.

If they want something, its a touch pad away. They say "you should respect us because we have a set of values." They value only the idea that everyone should get what they want when they want it. If this is an inconvenience for you or harms you, that means you're an intolerant hater. They think they are the center of the universe and that everything should be easy, nothing should require hard work or effort beyond what they casually put into it.

They believe that they gender is fluid. It can be one thing one day and something else the next. Yet, it goes beyond gender, in their imagination even pretending your a dog, a cat fish, a cloud can be part of your social identity. You are basically dealing with children in grown up bodies. They have no knowledge of the past nor appreciation for it. They only know what they want now and it must be nicely presented to them or else they are offended and squealing 'wining' begins.

We should blame the parents and teachers of the little bacon seeds; but we can't solely lay the blame at their feet as the millennials are now adults. And adults have to be responsible for their own behavior. They don't get a pass just because they were trying to be nice and didn't know or think it you would mind... again like a child raised in day care.

But, maybe that is because we (their parents/teachers) like them as children. If they grow up we will have to grow up too. If they grow up we have to face death at home and in the work place. We are afraid that they will take our jobs and we don't want that... we don't want to retire. We want to live our lives to the fullest. So what if we are 65 and counting! We want what we want and deserve it too.

This is the social imagination that raised bacon seed millennials. These are the parents and grandparents of millennials. This is the glut that brought up bacon seeds. The glut of wants. We have our houses, our cars and our space, our vacation time, and so on. We aren't going to the grave. We reject that idea. We want to live forever. In that light, maybe we don't have a set of values, like they say... the millennials.

Yet, if the millennials have values, then where did they come from? They just did not pop up out of the corn. Whose values? Societies! Their parent/teachers... and we are right back to where we started. Its no wonder kids are confused. We raise them up letting them think they will capture the moon and then we tell them there are no jobs because no one is retiring. Those few high paying jobs that are out there, freed up because someone finally croaked or moved abroad, are being given to foreigners that can be better controlled than our own kids. Which means we don't have to love them, just use them for our own purposes. Which is to get the most for our money, numbers matter... don't they?

Which brings us to the social ideologues.  Who are they? They are running the show, the glut. They are the limousine socialists, the liberal progressives and their universities. All of which and what are being supported by the rich ruling elites who really hate their kids (shipped them off early to daycare and private school) and everyone elses. They make others, even the lower middle class, believe that this is the right way to be, to live and to get ahead. So, they, in fact, try to mimic them. That means, we want our cake and to eat it too. We want a big house, a nice car, a trip to Disney World twice a year. We want to give money to the poor but really we hate the poor and would rather pen them up and throw them corn than have them actually live next door.

We hate pollution but then we don't care that our house requires maintenance that generates pollution or that our car also does them same, our consumption of goods and services, our needs, our wants...oh, yes, they generate the pollution that we supposedly hate. Would we ride a bike to work? Would we walk to the grocery store everyday there and back? We would buy only second hand clothes, shoes and purses?

I think not. We are hypocrites! We are the cause of millennial's set of values. They learned from parents and teachers and day care providers to be nice. They think that if you are nice and everyone will be nice and we will all help each other live a nice wonderful life with lots of money; after all somebody just has to print or make the money, parents, banks, credit card lenders, right? Sounds like if we can just keep making money and keep it going around and being nice everything will be nice, as in good for you and me; but someone always has to act first... and who will act first.

Millennials say "you are wrong", we don't love money. We don't need money. We have different values. We are not spoiled. We are not dependent. We just want to be respected for our opinion which is that everyone should have what they want and just be nice. Money isn't needed."  Well, I say if there is no money then, how will things get done? Who will work so that their neighbor can get his/her house built, or have food to eat, wash, crap, and so on? It takes real time and effort to make a system or community work.

Ok...So, you don't need money but you do need know-how and real physical labor 24/7. You millennial wouldn't have time to tweet, chat, or just be nice. You would be working hard full time. Now, of course... the argument comes back to technology. We have technology to make everyone's life easier and nice. And, who regulates technology? Who says who can have it when they want it? How much is needed to take care about a hundred million millennials? Who gets paid for creating the technology? We share they say.

Well, then wouldn't the creators of such technology want to use it first? Want their families to have access first before anyone elses. Would you live in a shack or in a block so that someone else on the other side of the world can have the same technology, the very one you created, in order to have a better life? Of course, you do because you believe there is glut everywhere, that's how you were raised in a glut of houses, toys and technology. And, if may I jump on the band wagon of such glut, you can wake up me when its my turn!!!!

Oh that is pretty hard. Sorry for that. On the other-hand, many 18-35 year olds (millennials)  your values are your parents. Some parents didn't have a glut and did not raise a glutenous child but they did have a glut of a different kind. The glut of a good paying job or good paying state... and that kind of gluttony is passing away.

What will you do? Plant your own food. Oh yes, and whose land will you use, who will pay the property taxes and who will do the work, tend the garden, mill the grain and bake that bread that you believe every nice person deserves? Robots? Oh woe to you little bacon seeds who believe in everything nice for the nice if you are just nice! On the other hand, if you are willing to do the work required by each (good, bad and ugly), all ye little bacon seeds, then everyone who works will eat and it will be a very nice day indeed. And, what a glut there will be... right? Only the bacon seeds can say for sure what will be.

*Be reminded that the real treasure is in heaven. And, yes, you should do for our brothers' first and give the Creator the credit for this life and everything in it. And, that He - Jesus Christ came for the sinner!

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