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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How the Ruling Elites Shape 'your' Social Imagination ...to their purposes!

As we get further from a historical event it becomes de-politicized. Deconstructionists then use distant events bringing them back out of context to support their rule, create a scapegoat, attack a certain group in the population, and thus strengthen their cause in some area, etc. 

Both the gender identity movement and slavery are good examples. Slavery has been intensely politicized by the political left to prop up their agenda which is to retain their positions of power. They use the old slavery issue as a bedrock means of demonizing current political opponents and any opposition to their cause and or agenda. They purport that liberalism defeated slavery and that slavery no longer exists because of them and their progressive politics. 

None of these memes are true; but because they have deconstructed history they are now accepted as true by the ignorant masses. Were slavery to have been a recent thing, it could not be deconstructed into a myth to support their agenda. If it were recent, we would see the liberal ruling elites as slave owners; well, in fact they still are as then enslave the masses into thinking that their voice is the only voice for them. They enslave minorities with labels that hinder their (minorities) own social imagination to build up their (minorities) identity in an ever growing diverse global community - world population.

Of course, the criticism comes with the statement that "whites still are the majority"; funny is that their own liberal progressive stats show that there are less and less white kids being born (world wide). If minorities are so jeopardized, then why isn't the government offering money to them (like they do in some EU countries) to have children rather than support abortion? The truth is that the minority population at least in this country is in jeopardy due to inter-group violence and dysfunctional historical and cultural data that they mistakenly draw on and which draws them further from the mainstream culture (created by the elites to do just that). 

These facts are used by the ruling elite to further distort the current situation between diverse groups and pin them against each other for political gain. The same can be said about the newly appearing on the social scene the unfairly gendered as a minority which can include lgbts. Sexual identity is being used by the ruling elite to enslave and though homosexuality is not new to human societies, it is treated that way by elites for their agenda - to stay in power.  

True enough, for some groups, such practices are considered immoral but for others not. Yet, the ruling elite in their shaping the social imagination punish those who don't like such practices and then tout those people who like such practices as heroes for 'coming out' as if they should be honored for their sexual preferences. By politicizing their behavior around /preferences for the same sex the elites contain them, label and enslave them as they do the minorities. Enslave them in a shaped by the ruling elites social imagination.

Not only those mentioned above minorities, but the ruling elite now go after women, white men, single moms, sexually active older teen girls, non athletic shy senior boys (referring to girls and boys aged 18 -voting age), the physically and mentally challenged, seniors with limited income and who knows maybe dogs and cats next. They will all be enslaved by the ruling elite, labeled and boxed up for the next election!

How? Look around... controlled media and media events!

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