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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Who is the 'true' Socialist? And, What is their Agenda?

Who are they? They are the ruling elite who today call themselves Progressives who used to come under a different name- limousine socialists/communist elite. They have been around a long long time. To recognize them today one has only to look at the now seniors 1960's college graduate flower children - their control group. They were taught to be progressive as were their teachers. They were taught that they could bring about a new world without conflict, without diversity, without class. They were taught that in order for that to come to fruition they would have to be in control.

Who benefits? The ones who educated this? The ruling elites. The ones that have the most to lose. They have class and prestige and position and power which they don't want to give up. So, they had to find a control group - a naive group (students) which they could educate for themselves and promote their dreamed up utopia. They graduated them and renamed them - Community Re-Organizers ~ The Engineers of Civil Rights for All! Which is a false hope, an unreal agenda that all people can have what they 'the ruling elite' have - everything ...when they want it!

The ruling elite's agenda, way forward was and still is to divide and conquer. They pretend to have a benevolent agenda (as they teach tolerance and equality) but their social agenda is to retain their positions of power; as they are somehow 'the' enlightened. They use people by first determining which are expendable or need regrouping. They use young people, they employ them as their soldiers on the ground. They give them orders and the first orders (received in places of higher education) were to rid the world of the poor which sounds good at first but that agenda has only been to make them poorer.

Here in the US, it has been accomplished using revolving credit cards, higher property taxes which led to government housing and entrenched welfare that only the poor could qualify for. Why? Because, for the elite agenda the poor had to get poorer and stay there. They make it appear as providing equal rights but it was and is a means a way to keep the poor poor and worse to make them poorer. It has had the same effect abroad as the ruling elite exploited and exploit people elsewhere which continues their control over them and continues their agenda for a new world order.

But still there isn't enough room for the elites and their vision of the new world order. Now, with the poor out of the way and or in their back pocket, they go after the middle class, the ones with some smarts, some know how or ingenuity and sense of self determination who for some time stayed out or were kept out of university. Why? Because, they 'the middle class' are the greater threat. It was easy to take down the poor and now that it is a done deal the elite have the time to spend on the greater and harder task but it is coming to fruition. It was necessary to keep them out of university but now they want them there and for their purpose and its sold as a way to have it all and yet be fair about it. Really?

Yes, that is why their agenda and or strategy had to change. Change, change and change!!!! Yes, we can. Why change? Because, the middle class has too much power and wealth and this is not part of their grand scheme. So using economic labeling now has become fruitless. They (the ruling elite) go after the middle class today using some of that labeling by making them think that they are/were all along the ones better off than most and that they should feel guilty for their hard work and wealth after all the poor exist; look there they are (the elites know as they put them there).

But, the information for change had to be more than just economic. They had to engineer a more destructive social agenda in such a way that the middle class under attack could be and is led to believe that even their children are part of the problem, that if they don't hear this new agenda, they will be the ones to continue this terrible crime against the poor and the minority. Yes, they need more minorities to wage war against the middle class. Why? Because, the task to take down the middle class and its offspring is much bigger. But why? Aren't the middle class the backbone of this country? Yes and thus the greatest threat to ruling elites.

Now, the ruling elite engineers of the new world order (their world) have to prepare as they lift for the final blow. They have to convince the middle class and their children (in college) that its not just the poor and people of color that have been denied liberty but also women, homosexuals, the elderly, the handicapped, the sick or unwell, mothers, families and the cognitively impaired. They 'the ruling elite' engineer and or create with their control group (their educated graduates) social crisis in the minds of the minority such people mentioned in order to come to their rescue and gain their confidence for future control (s).

By being the heroes for this much larger labeled group of minorities, the elites will have their eternal voting block and eternal control over world order. These minorities are the 'new' people who will look to the socialist for help reorganizing their community. And, believe me the ruling elite 'socialist engineer' will only be all to happy to do just that.  

Just remember who they are and try to imagine if they could possibly have your best interests in mind. Most people would not be socialist unless they had something they wanted to control or keep others from.


  1. Progressiveness is an idea that thinks change is possible and it is good. Those that are progressive apply wordage to change the perception of social reality. They play with language to alter social reality. They steer the narrative a little at a time so that what used to the 'norm' is no longer. For example, freak or reprobate as in depraved is now transgender, conservative is now a bully, the free market is now 'evil' capitalism and pro-life is now anti-choice ~ JTG.

  2. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter ~ Isaiah 5:20.