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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Order out of Chaos ~ Organizing the Social Imagination

The idea of organizing or reorganizing the social collective now termed "thought shaping" has been around for a long time. Referred to in different ways and words by various philosophers and social scientists. In fact, social engineers as we sociologists like to call them have long applied certain techniques. Another name for the social engineer is the political leader, the community organizer, the media marketer, and even the university professor.

They all like to think that they can and have good reason to reorganize the social imagination and all for the right cause. They are supported in their endeavor rather sponsored by the ruling class elites. The most notorious of their pawns are the political leaders. They and the others mentioned like to bring order out of chaos. However, they don't use the term chaos, they like to use the word crisis instead. It ends up sounding more heroic for them especially when they solve it.

How do they go about it? They create a crisis or take advantage of one in progress (how fortunate) in order that they appear to be the victor so that they end up the ones in control. Hence ~ order out of chaos. It is running the show from behind the curtain.

Most of us have heard or read about community organizer Saul Alinsky. He manufactured crisis or at least never let one go to waste. Alinsky believed in orderly revolution that requires the consent of organized groups and the power brokers of society. Alinsky has been called a Neo-Marxist. This was because his tactics were based on the Neo-Marxist strategies of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist.

Alinsky has been credited with providing ideological strategy that supposedly was to enable the poor and powerless. Alinsky's strategy was and is known as 'Rules for Radicals' what you could call his 'manifesto'. However, upon reading those ten points/rules a different agenda/strategy appears. Which is why some social scientists, such as Robert Pruger and Harry Specht, criticized Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' as a tool for organizing all low-income people. What they really meant to say was that it was rather a tool for the elite to organize low-income people. Alinsky never said it was a tool to be used by low income people to help themselves rise above their situation. He really meant it as a plan for re-organizing them, and now one can understand by who.

Public intellectual, political and or social commentator Dinesh D'Souza wrote in ~ America: Imagine a World Without Her... meaning 'America', though maybe he meant Hillary Clinton. And, what about her? Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley College on Alinsky's work and President Obama was a fellow Alinskyite. He got his first job as a community organizer working for the Alinsky network in Chicago (P. McGuire. 2015: pg. 151). Gramsci has been called Obama's ideological father in some conversations.

D'Souza is often the target of harsh criticism. That is because he has and does calls things as he sees them. What he has observed is that something has gone very wrong. D'Souza sees an America that has gone off track, down a dark hole. He wrote that "America's suicide" is the result of a plan for a long time in the making. P. McGuire seems to agree as he writes that this plan is especially chilling because most Americans are simply unaware of what's going on. Their ignorance is part of the plan. Ignorance... mmm, didn't I just write about that in my last blog. Yep!

You might wonder why/how a plan like this might come to fruition. It doesn't sound plausible let alone rational to the now ignorant masses who live in their cell phone and on facebook most of their waking hours. What is rational to them is that they are happy and happiness is getting what they want when they want it. What do they want? They want a fast track education, fast track food and a fast track to a fun life. A life of ignorant bliss. Because of that, there is no time for thinking, reading, contemplating, abstaining, waiting etc. 

Ignorance is the first necessary step in order to make people happy... "ignorance is bliss" Ignorance is the true tool of the community re-organizer. Now, if you can engineer that kind of bliss, the world is truly your oyster. What can you say to that? Yes, 'we' (not low income Americans) can. How? First, you create chaos as a crisis or look for one and then you appear to care about it and then you appear to solve the crisis or problem and then you take over so that it won't ever happen again. This is reorganizing the social imagination to fit your agenda. Whose agenda? And, right you are to ask.  The ruling class as in elites agenda. 

And, why would they want to or have such an agenda? Greed, and security ~ theirs. Are they afraid? Yes, there is a growing world population which must have access to food and water. Producing food and providing water for the world costs money and energy and causes pollution. Land becomes scarce and so do jobs as technology consumes them. How can the 'earth' afford so many, this is what lies on the mind of the elites, not the poor. Yes, the earth. This is their trump card... save the earth. Stop population growth by promoting abortion, destroying the concept of marriage and family and reorganizing them into blissfully ignorant individuals. They might not even notice and if they do it will be explained away as bringing order out of chaos! They/you will never know that someone was behind the curtain all along and for a long time.

~ "The Babylon Code" by P. McGuire 2015.

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