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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Secular Humanist Worship of the State in the Social Imagination

Whatever you read, think and do is always in context of the social imagination. What you think is right or wrong is because of the social imagination. It is the main attribute or cause for cultural as in social data. We are blocks of socially acquired information. What one group deems acceptable or right as in correct may be different from another group. This is the cause of conflict. There are those that have the aim of social engineering from the top down. The secular humanist thinks that this is possible to control information because it is they themselves that have the 'right' information which they deem is good for everyone.

The problem for the secular humanist social engineer is the source of that information. Who or what is or should be the source of information for all?  Secular humanists say the State. Non-secularists say God.  Of course, one can make the same case about acquired information when considering religion and or practices a religion which include the belief in a divine higher authority. Interestingly, this applies to secular humanists who practice civil religion as in the worship of a justified State which is thus becomes a church for secularists.

In regards to the social imagination, we cannot escape previously given information as it is socio-cultural data.  Florian Znaniecki wrote many years ago reflecting on social observations and investigations. You see,  information is written in early in the socialization process firstly installed by mother who has a given/set and or certain amount of information to impart depending on her own socially acquired information and choices to retain and or reject. From her and outwardly extending then to father, grandparents, siblings, teachers and the community which includes the wider society in the meaning of the culture, society, or the nation.

In this wider sphere of socio-cultural information, teachers and others in that sphere can impart information slightly different (unless alien in cultural data) from mother and parents. Its absorption depends on the character and appeal of the 'foreign' information to the child. If it seems to be completely against mother's especially and or parents it can be rejected entirely. If it is in line with mother and or parents it will be considered 'normal' as in an extension of her will. If it does not appear to be in line with mother's or parents, but when introduced to them, the child sees acceptance, it will be absorbed as a 'new' normal that mother agrees with. You see, Mother plays the most significant role in any society for this reason.

What is happening today? In the secular humanist mind, information must be equalized. Thus, the role of mother must be reduced to any member of the 'State'; a faceless yet 'caring' as in gentle selfless robotic type that seeks only to impart function appropriate information as programed by the State of the good of all. Why? Because, the programmer must be the State in order to achieve harmony as understood by the secularist. This is the preferred role for the initial caregiver in the State regarding any newer state member. For the secular humanist, there is no need for any higher authority and or entity as in a Creator of heaven and earth. The State embodies all men and thus it is the highest authority and it must be in fact - worshiped.

There is no danger then regarding who has right information for the source of all information is the same. All members are controlled by the State and not of their free will to choose what is right information but by the law of the State which must determine information.  Hence, the necessity of the First Amendment and thank God that some of the American founders were aware of the secular humanist love/ worship of the State.

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