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Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Do We Engage Science, to reveal the Creator?

Why do we engage in or 'do' science? We imagine science that has all the answers.
We imagine science as a tool to discover what we think is out there and as a group can agree on as being out there. Therefore, science is only what we make it to be. We socially generate reality. That is all there is to it. There is only agreement reality as to what exists and how we relate to it. Science was/is a means to orderly study a phenomenon that appears not follow what we already know or as a way to improve what we already know.
There is no way to know reality or the universe let alone life and the meaning of life as if it exists in an absolute shape or form outside of social reality.

We use science socially and that is what we must keep in perspective. We cannot let 'science' rise above social reality 'human beings'.  Science does not exist outside of that. If we put it above 'human beings' as if it exists as if science has all the answers is the end all. We are mistaken and, speaking as a sociologist, we are risking social detraction and serious dysfunction as a socially cohesive entity. We put ourselves at risk because of the distance we place between those who are laymen and those who are making science their "God".
Do we need scientific study? Yes we do to have order among us which allows human kind to move forward in their socially created science. Scientific study is an agreed upon order or procedure that allows forward thinking and being in the very linear world in which we live or perceive to live in. For now, it is linear.
Sociologists, look at what we do and how we do it to and why we do it. We like to understand why we engage in science. As I stated, we need to have some kind of sense of reality and social order and limit to the amount of chaos that we also perceive to exist. We are social and hence our reality of the world is social and socially created.
Unless, we acknowledge that there is a creator over and above us which created us and programmed us to discover the program. Science is the tool planted in the program so that the program will run and if it finds glitches that it can't explain, it will take the tool of 'science' to explain what is going on in the program.
Perhaps, science will reveal that creator to us?

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