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Friday, September 5, 2014

God is No Stretch of the Social Imagination

Many atheists I run into today like to argue that God does not exist as if believing in God is too far a stretch for their social imagination. Yet, some of those same people, want me to believe in aliens living on other planets who are just waiting to visit us. Oh really! And I ask how would you know one if you met one?
You see, in our social imagination, it is more logical to believe in God than in aliens. Because in our social imagination, what is real is only that which we 'socially' agree on. Of course, we could socially agree that aliens exist and that likely they exist based on ??? mmm... based on socially imagined hypothetical theories that likely they exist. And the same applies to then the existence of God. To further my point about the social imagination, consider then what imagine aliens to look like, or God. We would agree (looking like us and in combination with things we know/have seen) that aliens /God looks like us. As for aliens looking like us, that is really illogical because then they would not be aliens, right and we would have to consider if they did not look like us then who/what would they look like and that is completely out of our social imagination. However, God is not out of our social imagination, He is in our social imagination simply by imagining that He created us and that we were created in His image. So, when we imagine that God looks like us it is logical; because He created us. It is illogical to think that we could recognize an alien outside of our social imagination but not illogical to imagine that we would look like God because He created us in His image. We could not recognize a 'true' alien because such a thing does not exist in our social imagination; we simply could not see/recognize nor imagine a 'true' alien. Ironically, in saying that we should actually be able to imagine that aliens are all around us, we just can't see them because they are alien, not in our social imagination. We can see God though because we were created in His image and thus every human looks like God.  I am supposing that God exists... Why wouldn't He. Though we can't see him, we can't touch him, we can't visit him, but neither can we do those things with aliens. However, we can image that we can talk to God and He answers. Rather we don't imagine talking to aliens. We can experience God's presence in our life as we can experience miracles, and we can read about God (His word is given to us in the Bible, a book that has been in the social imagination for thousands of years) and have a relationship with Him by talking to Him. You may argue that what I am saying is no different in believing in/creating aliens in our social imagination that could look like us; but then wouldn't that idea stem from the very idea that God created us in His image so why not create aliens in ours- it makes sense. For many atheists, this kind of explanation is illogical or even on the verge of ridiculous. They see the world in very hard program, not soft and not imaginative. Because, if they agree/argue that it simply takes imagination 'social imagination' to imagine/think aliens exist, then why not think/imagine God exists in the same way. What social good comes of imagining aliens??? Now, comes the science argument which is the atheists fallback. I tell people that science exists because we exist and 'socially' imagine science.  There is no 'science' outside of the social imagination. Logically, there can be no argument let alone proof that math/equations or cosmic gas exists outside the human collective -social imagination. What stirs the social imagination is not science; it is God who put/breathed  the idea of existence into us. Now, comes the argument that I say God created us then why can't the atheist say that aliens created us...Why not. If they did create us then we would look like them as we would be created in their image, otherwise we could not recognize what created us. Could God be an alien? Yes/No, because, in our social imagination we can and cannot imagine an alien. We can imagine God as an alien but only if the 'God' alien looks like us and we cannot God as an alien because a 'true' alien in the social imagination could not exist. We could socially agree that it is just a matter of choice.  And, it is a choice we make as social creatures to imagine God or aliens. Yet, again we can only imagine aliens when they look like us. Essentially, we have no other choice but to imagine that they would. In saying that, there is no stretch in the imagination to imagine aliens if they look like us and thus there is no stretch in the social imagination to imagine God either.
Essentially, we are like a conscious computer that  asks, "who am I and what is it 'social' reality all about". This kind of question would likely have an answer programmed into the system so as not to cause an overload of contemplation, so that the program would simply acknowledge its creator without question and move onto tasks at hand.... the same as we do with God as the program creator! For me, aliens are more a stretch of the imagination that God because I realize that I could not recognize an alien if it were truly alien. Yet, I could recognize God because He is not an alien; thus, God is no stretch of the social imagination.

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